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This close!

We were this close to having only one child tonight.

I was wetting myself with excitement at the thought!

We went to my mother’s house for dinner tonight and at one point I asked Mum what she was doing tomorrow as she didn’t have to work due to the long weekend.

She replied that she was out to prepare the flowers where she goes for Philosophy classes. The girl has been a few times with her in the holidays and loves going for some reason.

The girl heard her say that she was going, and asked if she could go as well. Mum said of course she could, and asked if she wanted to stay the night at her house as well.

The girl said yes, and didn’t blink an eye when I asked what she wanted me to bring back for her to sleep in. Lucky we only live a few streets away and it didn’t take me long to drive home.

As we were leaving tonight, I went through instructions with the girl and pointed out the bag of clothes I had thrown together for her.

‘Tonight’? She says.

‘I don’t want to stay tonight’, and promptly cried.

And complained all the way home with tears streaming down her face that she wasn’t tired at all!

How dare I get my hopes up about a night off!


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