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About Me

Chaos reigns daily in our household. I guess any house with two children who squabble, bicker and annoy each other would be chaotic. Add into it my daughters aversion to noise, heat, smell, taste and touch and my sons anger issues and you have a recipe for disaster.!
This is a realistic blog, may sometimes be humorous but who knows really.
I am a working mum who struggles to cope with, well, everything really. I used to be a weightlifter in the Australian Team a long time ago, before the girl came along and knocked me out of contention for the 2002 Commonwealth Games team. I used to travel the world and be well versed in speaking foreign languages (speak louder in English if the person in Athens doesn’t understand you!!) I met my husband over the internet well before it became fashionable and we connected in England whilst I was over there for a competition. What else really?
I am now a Personal Trainer – I live at the gym. It helps me cope…
We have a cat and a mouse, the mouse cage lives on the floor about two feet from the cats food bowl – traumatic for both of them really – but I am sadistic like that.
I’m sure something will come to me! Or maybe you will just find me rocking quietly in the corner. With wine – lots of wine!

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