Guess what….

I may be back.

Who knows…. I might not stay either.

It’s been a long time. A few years in fact. The boy is now 13 and the girl is 15. Where does the time go?

I am still full of anxiety, still waiting for the explosions to happen. Still waiting for something to happen all the time.

I am still trying to figure out this parenting teenagers with Asperger’s lark.

The girl is a talented singer, writer and actor. When she wants to be. She says she wants to be an actor or an author but when her agent calls her up to say she has an audition she has a meltdown and won’t go. Why? Because she might not get the part! She doesn’t get that by not going she is definitely not going to get the part.

The the next audition she is fine. I don’t understand!

I scream internally (and externally) a lot….

She doesn’t get it.

The boy makes things. He will find a picture of an item, usually a weapon used in a film he has just seen and make a 3D replica of it. He is quite talented there but it makes for a messy house with paint and glue and bits of foam spread all over any available surface.

Apparently I love mess.


To act. Or not!

This is the first post of July. I have been slack I know… too much going on with the end of term winding to a close with tired and grumpy kids.

I am feeling very flat today. You know when you are so bored that you really should get up to find something to do, except that you are too bored to get up? That’s me today.

Yesterday I took the girl to an audition in the city. We had to be there at 9.30am for a 10am start. So just to make sure we were there in plenty of time we left at 8.30. I had only had one coffee by then, so I was not fully awake. Torture!

The audition turns out to be for something called The Event, which is to be held in America (Orlando to be exact) in the middle of December. The girl was given a script that she had to say in front of a camera and also met a couple of agents from America. She had a ball, and of course loved the whole concept of going overseas to spend a week singing, dancing and acting. She IS going to be the next Hannah Montana remember!

The money part. There is always a catch…

Of course you have to pay to get over there and Australia is a long way from America. And the east coast as well. The camp itself wasn’t too bad I guess. But the flights to get there are just too much. I did a lot of research last night on flights and costs and it just about did my head in. Both the man and I were hoping that she didn’t get in, so then we wouldn’t have to make a decision.

But of course she did!

So we have knocked back that opportunity because they needed to know today whether she would be attending and we weren’t in the position to say yes at the moment.

Now I feel bad for turning down an opportunity for the girl to do something that she loves to do. She shines in front of the camera. Others were shaking as they took their turn in the spotlight but she just lapped it up.

And yes, I know we are being sensible by not spending the money on a weeks camp in front of teachers, and agents and other important people in the business, but my sense has flown out the window.

We all want the best chances for our children.