Road trip

I was up at sparrows fart this morning to drive to Waratah Bay.Actually it was so early the sparrows were too sleepy to fart!

My running group (Coup’s Crew) were running in an 8km fun run along the beach t0 Sandy Point. It took my driver and I a good 2.5 hours to drive there including a pit stop at the ever-reliable McDonalds.

The run was beautiful with the crashing waves beside us but I was too intent on not dying to enjoy it properly, I did make sure I had a swim and paddle on a surf board with our running coach afterwards though, so glad I was wearing a wetsuit as the water was cold. ¬†It was heavenly on my sore legs though….

Me on the left, Brigitte in the middle and Gabrielle on the right.

Me on the left, Brigitte in the middle and Gabrielle on the right.




Why do we go out?

Yesterday we decided to go to the beach. Because it was nice and sunny and we thought the kids would enjoy it.

Unfortunately the girl was having trouble with the concept of getting ready. Well, to be honest, she has trouble with the concept every day. I had gone to the supermarket to get some supplies for lunch and when I returned everyone else was kinda ready except for her. She was sitting on the couch with only her bather top on. The bottoms were nowhere to be found. And she couldn’t brush her teeth until her bather bottoms were on. For some reason the teeth brushing part of her brain doesn’t work without pants on. Or something…

Anyway, I got home and reached straight into the laundry basket and got said bathing bottoms and put them on the girl. Then said that it was time to brush her teeth. Hubby got the toothbrush and put toothpaste on it and held it out to her…she collapses on the floor in tears because he was rushing her. Then apparently he was mean, and nobody loves her. And no she didn’t kick her brother on the other side of the room on purpose. And nobody loves her. At that point I gave up. I couldn’t be bothered trying to get everyone ready for an afternoon out that so far was only fraught with angst and tears.

I just decided to do something else and see if she calmed down. All was ok for a bit so we tried again. Asked her where her hat was, and then she had another meltdown about wearing a hat and putting on sunscreen because it is so sticky and feels funny. A meltdown usually consists of tears and shouting, and she talks at the top of her voice about whatever the problem is and why she can or can’t do whatever is being asked of her. Like being asked to get in the bath means collapsing on her bed, (naked because I have already undressed her) and rolling around crying.

Finally, and I mean finally (about an hour and a half after I had wanted to get in the car) we get going and we have peace. Both kids are playing on their DS’s (I LOVE those things!!!!!!)

Get to the beach and park. Both kids say that they are not putting sunscreen on. Fine, we say, stay in the car. The girl says that she isn’t putting a hat on either. Then she decides that if she puts on sunscreen will she have to wear her hat? I said yes. This is all in the car park, haven’t even made it to the beach yet. The bitumen is hot now. I tell her to put her thongs on. That is a big no, apparently they will hurt her feet. My head really hurts at this point. I have no idea why I have¬†persevered this far.

On we go to the beach. Put the beach unbrella up and everyone piles under it to ‘screen up. Did the girl and then she sits down on a towel. Somehow she gets sand on the towel and she doesn’t want sand on her towel. And she wants something to eat, but she can’t eat because she has sunscreen on her hands because she touched her legs. I thought perhaps that if she wiped her hands on a towel then she would have clean hands. No, cos then she would have sand and suncreen on her hands.

At this point I went in the water.

And everyone followed me!!

Ten minutes of wave jumping and swimming chilled everyone out. Then the girl saw a girl about her age and said hello and then the two of them played happily for the next hour or so. I spent quite a while out in the water floating in the waves trying to relax.

All in all a nice relaxing afternoon out.

Apart from the sand in the bathers. We heard all about that on the way home