Camp part 2….

So we decided not to force the boy to go to camp as it was doing my head in….if it was causing that much stress then it wasn’t worth it.

So as I sat eating my breakfast on Monday morning, with no bags packed and the bus due to leave in 40 minutes the boy uttered the immortal words….

‘I don’t know if I want to go on Camp or not’

I have never moved so fast in my life. I knew that I had to go with it, that if he wanted to go on camp then I would get him there. Of course as soon as I said to get dressed he said no. I suggested he go on the bus and I would follow him up to camp in the afternoon, I really wanted him to experience something else. He couldn’t get dressed quick enough then, and he made it to the school bus on time.

That afternoon I drove the 2 hours up to camp. The boy was so excited to see me and started demanding that we leave immediately. He had decided he was only staying for the day. There was no chance of me sneaking away whilst he wasn’t watching……

I watched him go canoeing with his group and then we left the camp after dinner – there was no wine!!!! How do the teachers cope?

By the time we got home the boy was tired and not feeling well. By morning he was vomiting. So so glad that I didn’t force him to stay – it would have been a nightmare!

I received a message from another parent who’s child was at the camp asking how long it took to travel there as she had to go and collect her child who was sick as well.

It is now Thursday and the man and I are sick as well, the boy is still sick.

What a week this has been!

Is it over yet?




The Camp

The boy is meant to go on school camp tomorrow. We don’t see that happening.

He is very anxious and has cried about it for weeks. If it gets mentioned he says he’s not going. There have been notes written around the house that he’s not going. When we said he was going he just said, ‘you won’t be able to get me out of the house!’ 

He says he will miss us too much, and his dog and his cat.

I’m afraid he will miss out on life if he never does anything!

He has always been a home body – when we went to England when he was two, he said it was time to go home when we had only been there a few days. 

He doesn’t care that his friends are going, that he will be trying new activities and will have fun. I have said that if he is staying home he has to do jobs for three days – he then asked if he would get a reward for that?


I am ashamed to say that I got very angry and ranted that I was sick of not normal kids, that I wanted kids that would go on camps and do sleepovers without hesitation and without a military operation.  I am tired of this – and jealous of all the other parents in the same year level as the boy preparing and packing their kids for camp.

I will look on from the outside again.

I think I forgot the underpants!

The girl went on camp with school yesterday.

The last time she went anywhere she tried to pack her own bags and luckily I checked what she had packed before she left because she had about 14 pairs of underwear and some sock and nothing else.

Oh and her cuddly toys. You know, the important stuff.

This time I thought I would just do it from the start as she had a massive meltdown when I suggested that she follow the suggested list from the school.

That was too hard apparently….

All was good until yesterday afternoon when I suddenly had a thought that I hadn’t packed any underwear for her!

Being an aspie do you think she will notice??


The camp and the girl

The girl went to camp this week. Trying to get her prepared for it was a nightmare. I had had talks with her teacher about her medication and her sleep routine and the food and which room to put her in with which people…. and on it went.

I had packed her bags for her, because her idea of packing is to make sure all of her 64 teddy bears are in her bag with 14 pairs of underpants.

And nothing else.

Very handy if she suddenly gets an attack of the runs but that’s about it.

I had also packed the pharmacy for her and labelled containers filled with the medication she needed for each day. She needed it three times a day and I didn’t want to have to leave it to the teacher to have to mix it up each time she needed it. Also had to remind the teacher not to mention that it is medicine otherwise we would have a nightmare on our hands.

Since the girl came home from camp yesterday, I have realised that although the man and I do so much preparing with her and her teachers, there is always more problems that arise. For instance, she couldn’t brush her hair when she was away because her brush was at the bottom of her bag and she couldn’t get it out without making a mess. And they weren’t allowed to make a mess in their cabins. I did say that maybe she could have taken things out of her bag and then put them back, but apparently not!

And lucky I had sent some emergency food for her to eat otherwise she may have gone hungry. I gave some little cans of tuna to the teacher before they left. Yes she does eat plain tuna in a can, both the boy and the girl do. Makes for an easy option for dinner.

They also served up pancakes for breakfast one morning, which the girl loves, except she had to eat plain because she wouldn’t touch any of the options the camp provided. Not sure many people provide 100’s and 1000’s for pancakes.

Her teeth also didn’t get brushed that often because she could only brush her teeth if she got reminded 739 times and given 4 hours to do it in and of course the teacher may have reminded them once in the morning to do it. But it still would not have been her fault.

Also, she told me there was no need to use soap when she had a shower because she just wasn’t dirty. Even though they had all just been canoeing in a dirty lake, and had water poured on them when they were hut building. But apparently I am just a parent and don’t know much.

But, it was a success. We didn’t receive a phone call to come and get her, and we all had a lovely break from her. And there was no tears at bedtime which is a huge success.

Even if she did come home with birds nest hair and dirty teeth….

Now just have to look into the boarding school option.