The morning and the tiredness

I am exhausted.

It is only 8.30am but the girl’s morning antics have worn me out already.

She has choir at school at 8am which she loves and refuses to give up but she doesn’t help us get her ready to go.

Yesterday I gave her the day off school to give her some time to unwind after a really busy weekend and she was awake at 6.45am. Today when I need her up early I had to wake her at 7.20am and she still refused to get up. Sounds normal I guess….

Three different drinks were tried before she finally settled on a hot chocolate (with added ritalin). She didn’t want the orange juice that she asked for, nor the apple juice because it had lumps in it, so a small amount of chocolate milk was finally a winner.

I had dressed her as I yanked her out of bed because sometimes that is easier than fighting the flailing limbs when she is finally ensconced on the couch, so all I had to do was get her to eat breakfast, go to the toilet and brush her teeth. Easy!

Except we had 0.56 minutes to do this in.

After asking for an apple the girl sat and looked at it for 10 minutes before talking a microscopic bite out of it.

Telling her it was time to leave made her run and hide on her bed because I was being mean and was scaring her! Dragging her out of bed again and shoving her shoes on her feet I asked her to get in the car, at which point she went to the toilet.

Banging my head on a convenient wall nearby and counting to 500 did nothing to help me…..

After five minutes of sitting on the toilet the girl finally comes out and dawdles to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Luckily that doesn’t require too much time because the ritalin has finally kicked in and she is doing what she is told.

I love ritalin!!

Finally at 7.59 she is ready. Did I mention that choir starts at 8.00 and it is a 10 minute drive to get to school?

And what has the boy been doing in all of this?

He got up and ate his breakfast and got dressed and brushed his teeth and was packed and out the door and waiting in the car for the girl.

In his words  ‘what are we going to do with her?’  He cracks me up!

Is it too early for wine?



Just saw the date….

And realised it has been well over a month since I posted anything – terrible! Anyone would think I had been busy with kids and work and life or something.

So what has been happening…

The kids have had numerous parties for the end of basketball, school and birthdays. The girl has had her annual concert for the Australian Girls Choir and received her letter that she was progressing a level in that as well. Both kids were involved in the school music concert a few weeks ago, with the girl performing on her violin and singing in the school choir as well. As usual the boy decided to keep his violin playing skills a secret and just sang in the class choir instead.

Today at school the kids find out their new teacher and class for next year. There was much excitement in the air this morning. The boy is adamant that he will have the same teacher as his sister had in the same year, hope there won’t be tears when he finds out that he hasn’t got her. (I know this cos his current teacher has already told me which class he is in – shhh). The girl doesn’t care who her teacher will be, it is not important to her. She already knows which of her friends will be in her class and she is happy that her little group of friends will be with her. They are all lovely girls so hopefully next year will be a good year for her.

And yes, Ritalin does wonders for friendship!

As I write this I am surrounded by chaos here. We leave for the UK in two days to attend a wedding and have Christmas and New Year there as well and we are in the midst of packing. It is very hard trying to figure out what to take and what bags will be used for our luggage and what to take to take on as cabin luggage. I am also trying to figure out how to take tuna on for the kids to eat. I know the airline does kids meals, but I don’t think they do aspergers kids meals. A bit of plain pasta and tomato sauce is all I am asking for! And they do like their plain tuna straight out of the can. Ewwww….

The kids have tried to help pack. The boy pulled out the second biggest suitcase and claimed it as his own. In it he placed some important items he thought he could not do without. This included his drum sticks, a couple of teddy bears, his DS games, a t-shirt and a jumper or two, then he complained that his case looked a bit empty! Hmmm….

The girl just packed her DS games. I wonder if I can be bothered packing more clothes for them?

They are very excited at the thought of spending Christmas in another country – one that has the possibility of snow as well. Santa is NOT so excited at having to deliver presents to another country and giving the parents the headache of bringing said presents home again. Especially when the boy has asked for a Lego Starwars Death Star (whatever the hell that is!). Hmm…. they might find a letter from Santa saying he has hurt his back and couldn’t deliver anything large this year. Do you think that would work?

Off I go to do some more organising.

And remember to pack the Ritalin!







Meltdown Central

Life has been pretty busy here lately, the girl has a full schedule on at the moment due to concert rehearsals for both the Australian Girls Choir and the school concert. Both of these are a week apart, and there is three performances for the school concert. Add to this the two day music school she just had on at the weekend and then the usual after school requirements and we have a very tired girl.

I know she is tired but I still have expectations of both good behaviour and her homework done. Yes I am hard.

So why am I surprised when she has continual meltdowns? Not surprised as such, but not coping well with them when she does has them and losing my cool far too soon.

On the weekend when she was sitting on the couch instead of getting ready to leave for choir she just kept saying ‘in a second’ when I was asking her to do something. You know, like going to the toilet and brushing her teeth. Yes we have to remind her to do these – and after telling her for half an hour she finally exploded and cried at us that we were rushing her. I tried grabbing her and pushing her into the toilet and bathroom, after chasing her around the lounge-room. This resulted in delaying her even more which made me yell at her and then her to cry more. Then I had the man look at me in such a way that meant ‘see, I told you not to rush her’. Yes I know I shouldn’t but I get so frustrated and it is important to me that she is on time. At this point I went and hid in our bedroom and left him to deal with her. Yes they made it in time, by the skin of their teeth.

I am sick of doing everything. From getting her breakfast to dressing her to reminding her to go to the toilet before we leave for school. Or reminding her to eat. How does anyone forget to eat even with the bowl or plate in front of them.

I am just tired about doing and reminding her to do everything for the next few years is just making me tired. I was hoping everything got a bit easier as  the children got older but it doesn’t seem to be so far.

The boy is fed up with her. He has resorted to bringing her her clothes to get her dressed just so that he can get to school on time. What a champ! Not sure I like the idea that the younger child is organising the older one. He shouldn’t have to worry about things like that – but he does like looking after people.

All is quiet for now, homework was done with little fuss tonight and now the neighbour is here and the two girls are doing a play. The boy is outside with the other neighbour and they are doing noisy boy things like shooting each other and shouting. Hopefully it will tire him out some more.

There is only the bed time pa lava to attend to later and the day is over. Easy!

Oh, I forgot we have to brush her teeth again!!! Arghh…..

I think I will go hide in my bedroom again.