Ticket anyone?

I took the girl to the paediatrician today for her 6 monthly check up.

A friend turned up in the waiting room a few minutes later – I always seem to meet people I know there. Obviously as we go to a ‘Children’s Clinic’, which is in the same building as a doctors surgery, ┬áthe chances of meeting someone I know there are pretty high.


The girl couldn’t sit still. She swung on the chairs, and got her backside stuck between two chairs, and sat on my lap and got off my lap and chatted about nonsensical issues and taught this friend’s children how to get their butts stuck between chairs…. in short she very much looked and acted like a child on the spectrum whose medication had run out!

Of course she always plays up when we are in public. Luckily I had on my thick skin and couldn’t be bothered wondering what others were thinking of me and the girl – and my friend was most entertained by her antics – if not a little surprised as she had never seen her outside the school setting.

Always fun to open a person’s eyes to the joys of Aspergers, maybe we could sell tickets?

At least the sick patients in the waiting room were knocked out of their boredom for a while.

Where’s the wine┬áritalin when you need it!!!