How to torture the boy…

I decided many years ago that as I spent all of my time in the gym I might as well get paid for it, so I became a Personal Trainer.  Now I help other people get fit and maintain their sanity whilst maintaining mine! That is a win for everyone, better than drinking wine.


I also needed another goal, as taking up running many years ago wasn’t cutting it anymore so I thought I would give bodybuilding a go. I could torture the boy and get fit at the same time. Awesome!

It gave me something to focus on and required lot of training and willpower to not eat the peanut butter (peanut butter is awesome by the way) for the five months of leading up to my first show but I made it. And boy did I enjoy eating afterwards. Especially peanut butter…. and bread. And bread WITH peanut butter. And Vegemite toast…. Do you get the picture?

I did enjoy torturing the boy with ‘the terminator’ pose as he called it. Actually anything involved with bodybuilding scared him! The thought of his mum in a bejeweled bikini on stage was appalling! There was no way he was coming to watch me compete,  both kids were horrified…. How rude!

Last year I did another show but didn’t enjoy it as much and it was a hard slog. I was glad to see the end of it. I took some time off training and now just exercise to keep fit and healthy. There can be a balance – I think – I have an addictive personality so I tend to hit any interests hard and don’t go into anything half-hearted.

And I will keep the bikini close by for when I need to punish the kids some more and put it on.

It is a parent’s job to embarrass their kids yes? bodybuilding me

Time to go train again methinks!



Crazy Saturday

Yesterday was another crazy Saturday for us. The man works on Saturday’s so it is my job to take both kids to their various activities.

Sundays I fall over in a heap!

And then go to the gym. And clean the house, and study, but I’d like to fall over in a heap….

After arguing with the boy about going to his basketball game yesterday, they finally won for the first time in 7 months. Last season had been a hard one as the boys had been put in the wrong division. Yesterday was the first game of the new season and they were in the right division this time. The team was very excited to see a win on the board! I think I cheered more than they did though….

Following the basketball run was picking the girl up from ballet, shopping, then the psychologist came over to see the kids – the girl spoke to her and the boy ignored her…. normal then!

The girl gets a chance to offload everything that is bothering her, and hopefully get some strategies to deal with what goes on in her life.

The boy managed to shut down very successfully until the hour was up – he knows that she has to leave eventually so just waits until she does. It is his way of avoiding the hard questions she may ask him. I did want him to talk to her about the anxiety he gets and ways to deal with it, but I think he was too anxious to do it. Can’t win with him!

The boy then entertained himself for a while by watching Super Nanny episodes on Youtube. I think he was getting tips on how to misbehave! He seemed fascinated by what was happening and could tell me all about ‘the reflection room’ and how it was meant to improve the kids’ behaviour, and what the kids in the show was doing. I still want Super Nanny to have to deal with kids on the spectrum, I think she’d lose somehow! Hehe…..

Then I had a nap!



Still trying to stay afloat, sorry everyone that I usually visit…..

It seems that once again time has got away from me. I have grand plans every day to write about what has happened but then tiredness catches up with me and I start drooling into my cup of tea whilst sitting on the couch at night.

I am also juggling studying to be a Personal Trainer with going to the gym everyday plus working at my current job and trying to stay one step ahead of the boy and the girl. Don’t think I have time for anything else….sorry housework! 😉

We have some issues to deal with at the moment; the boy is not enjoying school and that is making it very hard to get him there in the morning. The girl has a hard time at school and is stressing about the amount of homework she has now, let alone what will happen next year when she moves to high school. And her teacher doesn’t understand her at all…..don’t get me started on that!

Today the girl didn’t get out of her pyjamas. That is normal for a weekend.

She has a very busy Saturday now so Sunday is her day to do nothing. Except catch up on any homework and do her singing practice, annoy her brother and chase the dog around the house- the normal stuff.

I did have a momentary lapse of reason and thought it would be a good idea to go out as a family and maybe go to a park and buy the kids a hot chocolate or something. The girl thought that would be a great but then realised that she would have to get dressed for that,  so cowered in the corner of the couch instead. Why won’t I learn??

The man has decided that if cowering became an Olympic sport then the girl was a shoo in for a gold medal, she is that good at it!

The man and the boy took the dog out for a walk to the park instead and the girl went back to bed.

I escaped to the gym a few hours later…

More later – I promise!!! 🙂