What a week….

The girl looking very happy! Apparently…

We have reached the end of a very busy week and a half. The girl was in numerous dress rehearsals and then four concerts of her Year 5 and 6 concert of Beauty and the Beast Junior. She played the role of a ‘Silly Girl’ which the man and I thought was very apt. The last concert was on Thursday night and as we were all tired both the boy and girl didn’t go to school on the Friday. It was lovely not to have to rush out the door in the morning for a change.

The make up and hair for all concerts was a challenge. She hated the smell and feel of the foundation and the hairspray was a challenge to get near her! I only had to put her foundation on at home, the rest (including the false eyelashes) was put on by the make up team. I am so so grateful for them. We also had many tears and squirming whilst holding a curling iron…

On Sunday morning the girl had a final rehearsal for her Ballet Presentation Class (exam) which was to be held on the Monday. We were both up and out early to get there by 8.45am. Not on a Sunday!!!!

I picked her up from school early yesterday to get her to her exam on time. Luckily I didn’t have to fight to put her hair in a bun, I was able to leave it to her ballet teacher.  Of course because I wasn’t doing it she didn’t fight and argue about it! Typical!

Now we can all relax for a few months until the Ballet Recital at the end of the year…Phew!

Sitting in the hair chair!


Personal Hygiene – what is that mum?

I borrowed a book for the girl on personal hygiene. She needs it. She doesn’t know why we have to do the washing of bodies and teeth on a regular basis.

She wants to be a model/singer/actress but doesn’t understand that usually models/singers/actresses don’t have black teeth ‘I don’t care if I have rotten teeth!’….

She read this book which was full of interesting facts like how bacteria breeds on your skin which she kept reciting to us. And for half a minute she considered brushing her teeth without a fight. It told her about deodorant and what to do with it when the time came and ‘pernos’ (periods) which the man and I are dreading. The logistics of having good hygiene when this happens just fills us with dread.

It is a commen traits for aspies to hate anything to do with teeth brushing and washing of bodies – they just don’t see the point! And it hurts – the hair brushing anyway. It is also  a time waster. Time that could be better spent on what they like to do in their little world.

The book has now gone back to the library – everything read in it has been forgotten. Maybe I will reborrow it to refresh her memory in a few more months.

As I type this I am watching the girl who is still in her pyjamas at 5pm, her hair looks like a birds nest that has been through a tornado and her teeth are unbrushed.


Because I didn’t have the energy for a fight today.

Hair washing fun!

Last night I washed the girls hair.

We only do it once a week for both of our sanity’s sake. It is a bit of an ordeal.

First of all, I have to wet her hair without actually getting her hair wet. Just about anyway…. If I get any water on her face the crying starts. I have usually forgotten a towel to put over her face at this point, so I have to stop mid wash to run off and get said towel to put over her eyes.

Get the shampoo. More tears and complaints about the smell now. Have you ever noticed that shampoo smells?  Not good for someone who hates any smell. And for some reason the manufacturers think we all need to smell like a roses on fertiliser!!

Anyway, back to the washing. Hair nearly done and it’s time for rinsing. Once again, make sure I get all the soap out without getting her wet. One day I will accomplish this!

Hair washed and rinsed.

This was the easy part!!

Once the girl is out and dressed it is time to brush her hair.

I use a detangling spray which stinks once again. And it sprays everywhere. She hates the feeling of being sprayed and has a meltdown because I dared to spray it near her. How dare I use it. Haven’t I got a non-spray spray??

Get the brush out. This results in another fit.

Start brushing. Struggle to keep ahold of screaming, wriggling child.

Threaten to chop all of her hair off. She says that they don’t let bald people into school. Try not to laugh at her, this will just make everything worse.

After chasing her around the room and finally sitting on her, I finish brushing and tie her hair back in a plait to keep it as neat as possible. I won’t get many more chances during the week to brush it again.

Sit and rock her to calm her down. This takes a while as she is so upset.

Now I can relax till next week when we do it all over again.

Have wine!