All the noise!!!!

It is finally the holidays here, not sure whether that is a good or bad thing. Good because I have a heap of things I need to do, and bad cos the kids are home.

It is only day 2 and already the boy is driving me around the bend with his relentless energy.

He. Doesn’t. Stop!

He is bouncing off the walls, and making a tremendous amount of noise. All day! My poor ears are already ringing….

He sings and hums, and plays games with the dog which consist of a lot of rolling around on the floor with giggling and more noise, and plays on the wii and talks to his friends online and orders them around and shouts some more. He plays with his sister which always ends in tears. All with noise!!!!!!

Can’t wait til he is asleep!

Now where are my earplugs?




Merry. Freaking. Christmas!

What a day! Or days… or week or whatever.

I know I haven’t written for months, haven’t had the energy or inclination but I am still here apparently.

So we have done Christmas and New Years Eve and now it is the long summer holidays. Three more weeks til school is back! Not that I am counting too much because it is nice to have a break from the mundane routine of life.

Christmas was very stressful for me because of the boy. He didn’t understand that you don’t get everything (and sometimes anything) from your Christmas list because of various reasons. I tried to explain the cost of items he was requesting, or the suitability of items. Apparently Santa could just buy him anything that was too expensive, and anyway, he was going to ask Santa to bring US money so we would have lots and lots and lots.

Hmmm…..don’t you just love 9 year old mentality??

The end result was a very stressed mummy who was racking her brains trying to think of something that wasn’t on his list which included a dog (not going to happen because I don’t want another child to look after) and various guns (his current obsession)


Enter a WiiU

We had a Wii console but it had broken, and had been lying dormant for many months. It was going to be expensive to fix and I refused to buy a different games system as we already had a heap of games. I asked the very knowledgeable 12yo in the shop (ok, maybe he was 18) if the old Wii games would work on the new WiiU?

‘Oh yes’, he assured me, ‘all the old gear works so it will be fine’.

Fast forward to 6.55am on Christmas morning and the man set about sorting out the new toy.

It. Didn’t. Freaking. Work!!!!

There was tears and tantrums and name calling – and the boy was quite upset as well.

The man accepted it as something else that was destined to go wrong in our world and nearly cried. All we wanted to do was give the boy something that would put a smile on his face and take the pressure off us for a while. We couldn’t afford to give the kids much this year so that’s really all the family got.

It made for a very quiet Christmas Day. We were all feeling a little defeated and sad, and after a very long lunch out at my sister’s house I came home and spent the evening in tears before crawling into bed.

The next day just after lunchtime – after we had had 48 meltdowns from the boy about the lack of cooperation from the WiiU (Which I had quietly christened the FuckU) – and the man was just about to drop-kick the thing back to the shop, the boy suddenly shouted that it was working!

No freaking way!!

Cue party time and sighs of relief all round.





England and the journey over here

Greetings from the other side of the world! We are in England for Christmas and boy it is cold!

What an adventure we had getting here though….never again am I getting on a plane. I would rather pull all my teeth out than get on that Jet!

The day we left seemed never-ending to the boy as he couldn’t wait to leave but our flight didn’t leave until 10.25pm. The poor boy was nearly beside himself by that point. Apparently you can just turn up earlier at the airport and the plane will leave when you want it to leave! Yes boy…sure!

Actually the only reason he wanted to board the plane was to start watching the hundreds of movies that there was on offer. What more could a boy want!!

And yes, a couple of hours into the 14 hour leg we got asked the dreaded question, ‘Are we nearly at Dubai?’ Arghhhhh!!!!

Then the boy got sick.

Then I got sick.

Longest. Flight. Ever.

Then we got to Dubai and had to transfer to another plane.

THAT was the longest flight of my life. By then I was really sick and the steward had to call the doctor on the ground to authorise medicine for me which allowed me to doze a little bit for the remaining 5 hours.

The boy was fine and had been since Dubai – how unfair!

The girl had sat and watched the little airoplane on her screen for hours inbetween asking what the time was and what could she eat?

And for reference, children with aspergers would never eat the plane food – and I am a little unsure how ‘normal’ children would find the food provided appealing. Luckily I had taken some food for them, and of course there is always McDonald’s at the airport if you get really desperate.

We arrived in the UK to snow – the kids were thrilled having never seen it before. No, we have never taken them to see it at home. That would require too much effort to get there.

They threw a couple of snow balls at each other and played around in it – then complained that they were wet. I guess movies have a lot to answer for!

Thank god for wine!

Which I enjoyed thoroughly when I was well enough (the next day)



Just saw the date….

And realised it has been well over a month since I posted anything – terrible! Anyone would think I had been busy with kids and work and life or something.

So what has been happening…

The kids have had numerous parties for the end of basketball, school and birthdays. The girl has had her annual concert for the Australian Girls Choir and received her letter that she was progressing a level in that as well. Both kids were involved in the school music concert a few weeks ago, with the girl performing on her violin and singing in the school choir as well. As usual the boy decided to keep his violin playing skills a secret and just sang in the class choir instead.

Today at school the kids find out their new teacher and class for next year. There was much excitement in the air this morning. The boy is adamant that he will have the same teacher as his sister had in the same year, hope there won’t be tears when he finds out that he hasn’t got her. (I know this cos his current teacher has already told me which class he is in – shhh). The girl doesn’t care who her teacher will be, it is not important to her. She already knows which of her friends will be in her class and she is happy that her little group of friends will be with her. They are all lovely girls so hopefully next year will be a good year for her.

And yes, Ritalin does wonders for friendship!

As I write this I am surrounded by chaos here. We leave for the UK in two days to attend a wedding and have Christmas and New Year there as well and we are in the midst of packing. It is very hard trying to figure out what to take and what bags will be used for our luggage and what to take to take on as cabin luggage. I am also trying to figure out how to take tuna on for the kids to eat. I know the airline does kids meals, but I don’t think they do aspergers kids meals. A bit of plain pasta and tomato sauce is all I am asking for! And they do like their plain tuna straight out of the can. Ewwww….

The kids have tried to help pack. The boy pulled out the second biggest suitcase and claimed it as his own. In it he placed some important items he thought he could not do without. This included his drum sticks, a couple of teddy bears, his DS games, a t-shirt and a jumper or two, then he complained that his case looked a bit empty! Hmmm….

The girl just packed her DS games. I wonder if I can be bothered packing more clothes for them?

They are very excited at the thought of spending Christmas in another country – one that has the possibility of snow as well. Santa is NOT so excited at having to deliver presents to another country and giving the parents the headache of bringing said presents home again. Especially when the boy has asked for a Lego Starwars Death Star (whatever the hell that is!). Hmm…. they might find a letter from Santa saying he has hurt his back and couldn’t deliver anything large this year. Do you think that would work?

Off I go to do some more organising.

And remember to pack the Ritalin!







Ahh I love the holidays…

This is the last week of Term 3, we have two weeks of holidays.  Two weeks of not having to race out the door to make it to school on time, no choir rehearsals, no basketball training or tennis lessons. Bliss!

Except that the boy hates not going anywhere during the day. He is active and he needs to be busy.

By 8am on Monday morning he will have had the school directory out and made a list of all his school friends phone numbers so I can ring their mothers to arrange play dates. Then have a tantrum when I tell him it is too early to ring anyone.

I can’t even open my eyelids at 8am on the first day of the holidays….

By 8.15am he will have had the craft cupboard open in the kitchen and emptied it of the paint, glue, paper and stickers that are in there.

Then decide that he didn’t actually want to play with that stuff after all, but leave it all over the floor just in case he wants to play with it later!

He will then start bugging his sister to play with him, and all she wants to do is stay curled up in a blanket on the couch all day, so that negotiation will end with him yelling at her then her kicking him then him hitting her back.

I then creep into the cupboard and take a bottle of wine with me. 

The girl is happy as long as she has a pile of paper to cut out, and maybe some food!

The cat is then picked up and put down, chased around the house because ‘she loves playing chasey, see mum, she tagged me’. Finally in desperation the cat runs head first into the closed back door hoping that it will open on impact.

I will be propelled outside to kick, hit or catch a ball, find some butcher boys to put in a bucket and maybe have to feed them  with some grass, jump on the trampoline (hang on to your pelvic floor ladies) and finally go for a bike ride… is it lunchtime yet?

I can hardly wait for the holidays to start! Can you tell I am being sarcastic?

The paper obsession

The girl has an obsession with paper.

Our house has little piles of paper everywhere with drawings on them. The man and I cannot get into the girl’s room without stepping over or on the paper.

It is everywhere.

As it is currently the school holidays the girl has been spending a fair bit of time just sitting on the couch drawing.

And drawing.

And cutting.

And drawing some more.

Some of the paper is cut so small is it like confetti. But apparently it is something, and one day she is going to be finished drawing and cutting out and she will start to colour in these drawings.

The mind boggles.

Every night we battle to get these piles cleaned up so that the man and I might be able to sit down on the couch without being covered in confetti. We weren’t even covered in it when we got married – why start now?

When she isn’t looking I go into her room and throw most of these piles of crap paper out.

I know she will start making more in the morning.

At least she is happy…


What are your child’s/children’s obsessions?

Tempers are fraying

It has taken me a while to calm down and relax after tonight’s performance from the kids. I have no idea what set them off tonight, whether they are just excited by the thought of the Easter Bunny coming tonight, or just that they are sick of being at home as it is nearing the end of the school holidays (3 days to go)

The girl was kicking at random things all day, and just generally being a pain.

The Man decided to take them to see a movie, and in order for them all to make the screening in time I had to rush them to get ready. Ok, I rushed the girl because the boy is ok with following instructions quickly. We would still be waiting for the girl to be ready if we let her do it…

Anyhow, after getting loaded up in the car, the girl, still carrying her toothbrush (remember she hates brushing her teeth and will do anything to avoid it) managed to lose half of the paste on her shirt before she had even started. So back into the house come the man and the girl.

Change the shirt and put more toothpaste on the toothbrush and this time I just attack her to brush her teeth for her. By her screams you would have thought I was doing her some serious damage!

Finally they leave.

Ahhh… peace for a couple of hours.

I promptly went back to bed for a nap!

Later on this afternoon I suggested that we go out for a walk and get some fresh air. The kids decided that they would take their bikes. Fine with us, cos at least we can walk in peace then. We head out the long way to a park near us, the kids promptly take off and leave us alone. We met them up at the park where they had a nice play in between some fighting. We left after the boy pulled the girl’s hair and she gave him a good round-house kick back in retaliation.

From then on they fought and argued about everything. And stupidly I made dinner for them when I know better than to actually ask them to eat something I have made! What was I thinking?

Dinner times are not very relaxed around here. The kids both have a very limited range of food and I get so sick of making the same things day in and day out for them. I thought I was pretty safe with what I served up tonight – chops and veges! Clearly not, as the boy promptly said he wasn’t eating it and helped himself to a can of tuna, and the girl ate the meat and chewed the chop bone and then argued about how many peas and corn she would have to eat. When I said 10 of each, she collapsed as apparently there was only 9 pieces of corn!

They both kept picking up the cat and chasing her when we were saying not to, and the last straw was when the boy pretended to hit the cat with his pyjama top and didn’t understand why the poor cat was frightened. They were then both sent to bed without dessert. The boy proceeded to yell at us from his bedroom about how much he hated us, and apparently we hate him (which makes him cry as he says it). After a while he was quiet, then started asking when we were coming in to put him to bed. Once he has got his rage out of his system he is lovely again.

I was over the whole bedtime routine for the girl so I broke it, and paid the consequences. I wasn’t in the mood to read her a chapter of her book, so made her get up to go to the toilet. I got kicked and she started crying and talking because she doesn’t go to the toilet until AFTER I have read her a chapter of her book.

She went to the toilet eventually, and when she came back I presented her with her toothbrush. Then she had a complete meltdown because I was rushing her to do it, and I couldn’t do it for her, and why does she need to do it tonight…. ?

At this point I felt like hitting my head on the wall. Or at least running away. I don’t want to play anymore….I get so angry that I can’t control what I say, so I make her worse because she knows how angry I am. If I had just read her the bloody book in the first place then this wouldn’t have happened.

The man came in at this point, so she kept crying at him. I left because I couldn’t handle this anymore. Somehow he got her calmed down again and brushing her teeth.

I felt terrible then, so had to go and give her a cuddle and say sorry to her. I know she doesn’t do it on purpose, and she is at the mercy of her emotions as well. It is the whole repetition of routines which gets to me.

Hopefully the Easter Bunny brings some peace tomorrow! Or at least enough chocolate for me not to care!

Holidays! Oh yeah!!

Day 2 of the holidays!

Two weeks to go.


Yesterday I spent the day at a friend’s house sewing costumes for the school play. We spent nearly 8 hours cutting and pinning and sewing together. Unfortunately we had 4 children between us.

My friend gave the children lunch, which was just a roll, but one of her children called it  ‘french bread’, so the girl decided that she didn’t like french bread and wouldn’t eat it then. Then she wouldn’t drink the milk they were offered because it was the wrong brand. And the watermelon had pips in it….

Then she got loud and started fighting with her brother, and they kicked and hit each other until I pulled her into another room to calm down with some drawing. Sporadically she would seek out her brother and my friends son and annoy them. We also managed to lose them for a little bit (on purpose) whilst they walked up the road to feed the paddock of horses and then walk to the local park. I think we got about 5.734 minutes of peace. Speed playing at it’s best.

So far today we have had the tantrums and fighting that I am sure every family has had. Both kids were banished to their bedrooms, where they continued to shout insults at each other from opposite ends of the hall.

They weren’t allowed out until their bedrooms were clean. This is ok for the boy, he doesn’t get as confused by that as the girl. The girl can’t cope with a very broad instructions like that. She needs specific instructions, like move that book onto the shelf, etc. I knew this but felt like messing with her. Every so often I would shout out another instruction just to start off again. I was being evil mum today….

A hour later she was still in her room, but had moved on from crying about not being able to clean her room to lying on her bed reading. This is where I usually find her if she can’t do anything, or flapping about in her underwear. She didn’t get dressed until 5pm when a little friend from around the corner appeared at our front door wanting the girl to play.

At the moment the girl is sitting on the couch eating her dessert (weetbix with vegemite). She keeps staring into space and saying ‘what’ whenever I tell her to keep eating. If I yell at her to keep eating or get into the bath she collapses in tears.

Maybe I should do it just for the entertainment value!