The man and his humour…


Thought I add a humourous item to my blog today.

The man adding some essential items to my shopping list!


Can I laugh now?

I think I have mentioned before how the boy has some issues with words. Like calling Vegemite, Jam and vice versa. Or calling the stuff up your nose plaque…

Anyway he sometimes gets words mixed up, or adds words to what he is trying to say which just makes us laugh but him really cross for laughing at him. I am naughty for laughing but some of the words he comes out with are hilarious.

Yesterday afternoon I took the kids to the pool to let them run off some steam. As it was late when we left I just rugged them up in the towels and made a dash for the car. I hate those changing rooms at the pool so I made them freeze for a few minutes in the car. When we got home I ran a bath and both kids jumped in at once. They are usually not allowed to bathe together as they fight and I can’t cope with the screaming and yelling…

I started washing the girls hair, you know, cos it was full of chlorine, and she loved it that much that she kicked the boy.

In the privates.

‘Ouch’, he cried.

‘You kicked me in the nuts!’

‘Nuts?’ I say.

‘Yeah’, he continued.

‘My peanuts!’

I had to leave the bathroom because I was laughing so much. I was not the boy’s favourite person then.

Unnecessary Laughter

I get in trouble a lot with the boy. He doesn’t like being laughed at, even if he has done something funny.

I was trying to get a jumper over his head the other day and it got stuck. I know I should have undone a couple more buttons on the front to allow it to go over his big head but I couldn’t be bothered.

Anyhow, it got stuck. And the more I tugged on it then the more it got stuck. The chuckles that I had turned into full on tears of laughter as the boy got more and more angrier. I couldn’t help it.

Eventually we got it off and he stormed off to his bedroom after giving me the evil eye and stomping on my foot.

Which made me laugh even more. I am not even sure why it made me laugh to start with!!

Don’t get my started on the funny names he calls us when he is mad… very hard to stay angry at him when he is calling me a Turkey Breast Tender!

(Oh my sides)