Don’t throw out the wine!!!

Sometimes I have a laugh about the search terms that bring readers to this blog.

A lot of them feature teeth brushing problems, which is normal as Aspies hate the taste of toothpaste and feel of the toothbrush in their mouth.

Obsessions with paper is another one which is normal, as is sleep – or lack of sleep. There are a lot of sleep deprived parents who keep the caffeine business going.

One of the more interesting search this week was ‘little girl boy brushing teeth girl puts toothpaste and sprinkles on boy’s head’…..

Hmm not sure what was going on there – were they sprinkles that you put on bread? And did the little girl think the boy was a snack?

Another one from today was ‘when he gets angry he throws out all the wine!’ Ā What the…?

Not sure why anyone who searches for wine would land on my blog! šŸ˜‰

And why would anyone throw out good wine, regardless of whether they were angry or not!

That’s just kooky talk!



Hmm my first post in a while…things have been a bit hectic here lately.

Finding it very hard to cope with it all at the moment. What I would do for some help or a holiday. Or just someone to get the girl out of bed and dressed in the morning. I am usually exhausted by 7.28am every morning and my spine has fallen out just from wrestling her out of bed.

This morning I had two of them to get dressed as the boy has collapsed and was incapable of moving due to one of his obsessions. He gets these obsessions for thingsĀ and that’s what consumes him. There is no getting him to think or talk about anything else and heaven help us if we can’t get it for him. Of course once he gets whatever it is he moves on to something else and the need starts again.

At the moment it is a BB gun. Yep, an air rifle! Of course I am going to be rushing out to get one. Just wait while I grab my bag will you!

I physically had to dress him and brush his teeth and shove his feet into his shoes just to get him to school as he was just being an immovable lump on his bed. No response was had from him in regards to anything other than that was all he wanted and that’s all he ever wanted for ever and ever.

I do feel for him about these obsessions – to be consumed by something like that would make it very hard to function. I wish I could help him get over these but I don’t know what to do.

Wednesday he wouldn’t go to school at all and when he gets angry he is very very strong.

I also got very very angry.

I smashed theĀ lead-lighted window we have in the front door. I was so so angry that he could do that to me. Of course him not going to school was the straw that broke the camels back after having a crappy night with the girl. She had been awake since 3.30am and both the man and I were tired.

I need a break!

Just shoot me. Please…

Anyone know what to do with obsessions and how to help the boy overcome them??


The paper obsession

The girl has an obsession with paper.

Our house has little piles of paper everywhere with drawings on them. The man and I cannot get into the girl’s room without stepping over or on the paper.

It is everywhere.

As it is currently the school holidays the girl has been spending a fair bit of time just sitting on the couch drawing.

And drawing.

And cutting.

And drawing some more.

Some of the paper is cut so small is it like confetti. But apparently it is something, and one day she is going to be finished drawing and cutting out and she will start to colour in these drawings.

The mind boggles.

Every night we battle to get these piles cleaned up so that the man and I might be able to sit down on the couch without being covered in confetti. We weren’t even covered in it when we got married – why start now?

When she isn’t looking I go into her room and throw most of these piles of crapĀ paper out.

I know she will start making more in the morning.

At least she is happy…


What are your child’s/children’s obsessions?


The ongoing saga of the assessment continues….

The boy had his second speech pathologist appointment yesterday which went much better than last weeks attempt. This week I left him alone with the speech pathologist and he was fine. Obviously when I am there with him he relies on me to answer questions for him.

45 mins later the therapist comes to get me and she was all smiles. The boy was pretty pleased with himself as well. She said that as he had been so so good that he deserved some treat for it. Luckily I had a lolly for him in my handbag. No, she says, I think he deserves something bigger than that because he was so great at the testing.


To him, treat means a new toy.

Obviously she didn’t take any notice of the questions I had answered last week about his obsessions. He loves new things. He needs new things and if he doesn’t get what he wants then all hell breaks loose. That’s all we hear about until he either gets what he wants (by either doing chores now to earn the money for it, or waiting to a birthday for example) or he moves onto a new obsession. And I mean obsession. He once asked the tooth fairy for an iphone when his tooth fell out. And no, he still hasn’t got one….

So The Man and I have decided that he can get something after next week’s appointment. We think he does deserve something, but it has to be on our terms, not because we are told to get him something. He hadn’t even expected a treat for going along to all these appointments and this is a big step for him. To make him expect something is just making our job harder the next time we have to do something for him.

So do you think we have had a minute’s peace about it? Ā I am pretty annoyed at her. How dare she suggest ideas to him without consulting me.

I know it was done under the best of intentions – but it was just handled wrong.

What do you think?