Medicine time

The girl has a chest infection.

For nearly the last week she has been coughing her lungs up at night and driving us herself crazy!

Yesterday I took her to the doctor and he prescribed antibiotics, the girl was not happy.

One of her phobia’s is medicine. Just mention the word and she goes into meltdown mode. Anything she has had to take over the years has been masked by a drink of some kind.¬†Unfortunately the antibiotics are a bit harder to hid, usually because they are bright pink or yellow and have a very strong taste. The makers of the drug must think it tastes good or something!

In my next life I am going to make a range of drugs that kids on the spectrum will be able to take, as a lot of them have a problem with flavour….

So I have had to put the medicine into a drink that she really likes, and follow it with a chaser of the same drink to wash it down. It only took 2 hours for her to have it. A record really in our book.

Apparently because the doctor said to have it twice a day he meant that she had to start the medicine in the morning, not that night. I tried to explain that the dose last night was needed because her body was sick and it couldn’t wait another 12 hours to start it.

Finally after many threats, one of which was that I was going to hold her down and shove the medicine down her throat, she took it.

Success!! For that night anyway.

I am currently looking at the cup with the medicine that she has to take this morning. The girl has come up with every excuse in the book not to have it yet. First she was drawing and cutting out and she would take it after she was done. Then she was doing another activity at the table and would take it ‘just after the next thing I am doing’. Then it was lunch time and she just had to eat that second. Now there is a song that she has to sing…. you get the picture.

I am about to scream!

And I know that if she takes it now, we still have to get the evening dose into her, and then the next five days.

I’ll be hiding under the bed if you need me!¬†