Why I run….

Sometimes there is nothing better than getting outside and running in the fresh air.

I needed a break from work today so took the dog (Shiloh) out for a run. I ran about five kilometres but he seemed to cover a bit more. The boy was wondering why he seemed so tired tonight. I think I ran his little leggies off. Must put a tracker on him one day to see how far he actually goes….

Anyway, we have had a bit of stress lately with end of semester school exams, and a car accident last week and whatever else is going on and I had been waiting for the girl to have a meltdown over it all.

She has been fine but I had the meltdown for her.

So I have been running.

And running.

It works though, my stress and anxiety levels come down and I am happier again. I can feel physical soreness instead of mental soreness.

I don’t take a phone so no one can reach me – just me and the dog and the outdoors. No one knows where I am or where I’m going.

Try it.

Get outside and just breath.



Road trip

I was up at sparrows fart this morning to drive to Waratah Bay.Actually it was so early the sparrows were too sleepy to fart!

My running group (Coup’s Crew) were running in an 8km fun run along the beach t0 Sandy Point. It took my driver and I a good 2.5 hours to drive there including a pit stop at the ever-reliable McDonalds.

The run was beautiful with the crashing waves beside us but I was too intent on not dying to enjoy it properly, I did make sure I had a swim and paddle on a surf board with our running coach afterwards though, so glad I was wearing a wetsuit as the water was cold. ┬áIt was heavenly on my sore legs though….

Me on the left, Brigitte in the middle and Gabrielle on the right.

Me on the left, Brigitte in the middle and Gabrielle on the right.



Running and my sanity

So I have just missed a whole month of blogging somehow. I think I was in an exhausted daze for most of April so I will excuse myself.

I have this blog so that I can get stuff off my chest about the girl and the boy but sometimes it is even to chaotic to write down or think about again so I don’t.

I run instead.

Running lets my mind run free from this world. The thoughts in my head just flow in and flow out and my body just moves. I love focusing in on my body and feeling how it all moves together.

Running is my time out from my life and enables me to regroup and calm down. And maybe get fit and feel better about myself at the same time. I am training for a 10km race in July, and a half-marathon in October. Crazy!

But I love it!

How do you look after your mind?