The boy and his music

The boy is fantastic at music and musical instruments. 

In Grade 1 he started learning the Violin and he picked it up very quickly. Because he has Aspergers he decided after two years that he had learnt it all and gave it up. His teacher nearly cried…

Then he decided to learn the Flute. Same thing again – the teacher was amazed during his first lesson that he had never played before. Fast forward twelve months and again he gave it up because he had learnt it. 

The trumpet was the next instrument to be given a whirl. By now he was teaching himself to play songs via ear and youtube. 

After another year of this (and of being sent up to the back fence to practise where I couldn’t be deafened – sorry neighbours!) he gave up again. 

There has been no more requests to learn any more instruments but it is a waste of talent. The only music he does now is at school.

Which brings us to the music concert at school last term. His class had to show off their learned talents on the glockenspiels much to the delight of us watching parents. What better way to spend an evening!!! 

Whilst every other student was concentrating hard on their notes, the boy was looking around the room, shaking his head at me taking his picture and not looking impressed at all and generally not concentrating on what he was doing, and he did it all without missing a beat.

Last week the boy came home from school with an Academic Award! Just one.

In Music.

He is not impressed. 


Guess what….

I may be back.

Who knows…. I might not stay either.

It’s been a long time. A few years in fact. The boy is now 13 and the girl is 15. Where does the time go?

I am still full of anxiety, still waiting for the explosions to happen. Still waiting for something to happen all the time.

I am still trying to figure out this parenting teenagers with Asperger’s lark.

The girl is a talented singer, writer and actor. When she wants to be. She says she wants to be an actor or an author but when her agent calls her up to say she has an audition she has a meltdown and won’t go. Why? Because she might not get the part! She doesn’t get that by not going she is definitely not going to get the part.

The the next audition she is fine. I don’t understand!

I scream internally (and externally) a lot….

She doesn’t get it.

The boy makes things. He will find a picture of an item, usually a weapon used in a film he has just seen and make a 3D replica of it. He is quite talented there but it makes for a messy house with paint and glue and bits of foam spread all over any available surface.

Apparently I love mess.

First post – now where do I start?

This  is something I have been wanting to do and procrastinating about – because of how hard it would be to actually write something down.


Maybe I should introduce myself a bit more.

Hmm…. I am a pretty much full-time stay at home mum. I do rouse myself to clean a couple of houses a week to have some pocket money for little things like food.

I am married to my lovely husband for nearly 11 years (holy crap) and we have two wonderful wonderful (cough cough) children. The girl is 9 and the boy is 7.

The girl was diagnosed two years ago with Aspergers Syndrome after years and years of tantrums and meltdowns and bad behaviour. It was nice to know that it wasn’t our bad parenting that was the problem.

The boy is a different story altogether. He is different to his sister. He has empathy and thinks of other people and gives us hugs and everything. The girl doesn’t. If it doesn’t suit her then you get nuthin’.

We have had our ups and downs over the last 11 years, more downs than ups really. I won’t write them all down today, will save them for further posts. Keep you in suspense and all that 😉

Enjoy, or don’t, my blog about the struggles of dealing with autistic children and how I cope. Wine goes a long way to help!!